Lost in Translation Game - 2 Pack (Family & Friends Discount)

Lost in Translation Game - 2 Pack (Family & Friends Discount)

Buy the 2 Pack and save! Includes 2 copies of Lost in Translation.

What's in the box: one game paper roll with 70 double-sided Game Sheets, seven pens, instructions sheet, and a travel pouch.

Get people laughing together at your next family gathering or dinner with friends!

Each person starts by writing a creative sentence on a Game Sheet: for example, "Grandma took the dinosaur for a walk." Then each person passes their Game Sheet to the person next to them. That person then translates the first person's sentence into a drawing Game Sheets get passed around the circle as players alternate between writing sentences and creating drawings. 

Funny details get lost (or added) along the way, because each player can only see the previous player’s work. Everybody cracks up when you share the completed Game Sheets at the end! Completed Game Sheet example on the flip side!