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Susan from San Antonio, TX

"Laughter is practically guaranteed!"

☑ Verified Purchase

Lost in Translation is such a fun game! Laughter is practically guaranteed. The packaging was lovely-really a quality item. I ordered these as gifts, they were a big hit at Christmas.

Brooke from Chicago, IL

"Appeals to everyone"

☑ Verified Purchase

I bought 2 so I could keep one for myself, and give one as a gift. The packaging is super cool so it makes a really nice looking gift. It has been a hug hit at Wine Club (aka Book Club) with hilarious results. I think it's really perfect for a group of girlfriends, family, or any group of friends. It's the kind of game that appeals to everyone because you get to be creative without the pressure of being correct, or drawing perfectly, etc. In fact, the worse you are, the better (read: funnier) the results! That's what I love about it. Keep on selling these! So fun!

Carleton from Los Angeles, CA

"Great for game nights"

☑ Verified Purchase

I purchased one game for myself and another as a gift for my friend. We've played it several times since we've had it, including at a family Christmas party and we do game nights pretty often. We had a great time playing! We played with a group of friends around our age (mid-late 20's) and the game is definitely most fun if you are playing with creative/funny people. The quality of the game itself is amazing! Very sturdy and fashionable travel bag and the pens and paper feel very legit - definitely feels like something that will last for a long time.

Lance from Lewisburg, PA

"Great to build friendships and bond"

☑ Verified Purchase

Lost in Translation is great - quick to learn, great to build friendships and bond as you really get to know everyone you're playing with. Pretty much like the Telephone Game, but for struggling artists. We had a blast! I played with extended family and had a fantastic time - only a few of us could really draw at all and hilarity We had a group from early 20's to 89; everyone was able to play and have a good time. The design for the game sheet is very clever because it is double-sided. Definitely an efficient use of paper which our family appreciated.

Ronnie from Los Gatos, CA

"Perfect size for your travel bag"

☑ Verified Purchase

I purchased Lost in Translation as a family gift this past Christmas. Every year we play games as a family and this was a great addition to our collection. The setup is minimal and instructions clear, so we were playing within minutes. Once the first round was over and the results were revealed we were all laughing and couldn't wait to start round 2. We have since taken it to friends houses to play as well as taken it on trips. The compact case fits everything you need and is the perfect size to throw in your travel bag no matter where you are heading!

Susie from Los Angeles, CA

"Old telephone game but with pictures"

☑ Verified Purchase

I can’t remember laughing as hard as I did while playing Lost in Translation! It’s like the old game telephone but with pictures. I bought two Lost in Translation games. One was a gift and the other was for my use. The packaging is brilliant and includes everything you need to play the game and is super portable. What I love most is that you can play this game with a lot (or few) people and pretty much any age. So much fun!

Brian from State College PA

"Easy to learn how to play"

☑ Verified Purchase

Lost in Translation is a great game when you have a group of people together, ideally seven or more players so you don't see the same game sheet twice. I've played several times at game nights with 20-somethings and it was a hit! It's easy to pick up for those who have never played before. The room is pretty quiet when everyone is writing/drawing but it gets rowdy quickly as soon as the game sheets are completed. People start laughing hysterically when you go through all the game sheets at the end. Some of the funniest moments involve an innocent phrase becoming very inappropriate. One of my friends thought the game was so funny he actually shared it on Facebook and some friends were asking where to buy it. Sometimes it's hard to pick a winner at the end but I don't think this game is really about winning or losing, it's about laughing and having a good time!

Debbie from Santa Clara, CA

"Especially fun at large family gatherings"

☑ Verified Purchase

I play my Lost in Translation game with friends whenever we have people over for dinner. It is especially fun to play around Christmas time when you have large gatherings. The youngest player is usually my son (8 yrs old) and most of us are about 50 years old. It is super fun and everyone enjoyed it and laughed a lot. It's a creative game that is easy to play, funny and can be played anytime (or anywhere). It also has very good quality of the materials. I like that everything easily fits in the bag and it comes with a ton of sheets!